The Magic of Creations From A Master's Hand.

In the first place, innovative design ideas are formed in the mind. Perhaps that's why creativity is the actual focus for our gold and platinum smiths. But when it comes to turning these ideas into reality, true craftsmanship and skill are required. It starts with the selection of the materials and knowing how they will work together.

But then experience, expertise and a knowledge of the craftsman's skills are what count in production. With absolute sensitivity and precision, Uwe Fiedler, along with three other master craftspeople, produces his extraordinary jewellery in his workshop. Made by hand – made in Germany.

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SCHWAB Gold- and Platin Manufactory
Prop. Uwe Fiedler
Bachstraße 9
73650 Winterbach

T +49 (0)7181 74 344
F +49 (0)7181 72 114

Business Hours
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TUE - FRI from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
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